Friday, December 6, 2013

Link round-up, 12/6/13

Here are some inequality-related links for today:

--  Corporate profits have reached a new record high as a share of the GDP (via Brad DeLong at WCEG);

-- Brad DeLong, on our coming chronic discouraged-worker epidemic;

-- Jared Bernstein, "No, A Decent Jobs Report Does Not Mean We No Longer Need an Extension of Unemployment Insurance!";

-- Sarah Jaffe at Working In These Times, "How Big Banks Shortchange Their Workers";

-- David Moberg at Working In These Times, "Unions Furious with Illinois Democrats Over Pension Cuts";

-- and finally, Charles Davis at Vice, "The Exploited Laborers of the Liberal Media". I hope this last one is shared far and wide. The shaming function still does have some power with certain employers who care about their reputations for fairness, such as the ones identified in the article. I realize that many alternative media outlets, including some but not all of those mentioned in the piece, struggle financially. But if an organization truly cannot afford to pay its interns, there is a simple solution at hand. Don't hire them in the first place.


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