Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My first post at The Nation is up: a review of The Killing Fields of Inequality

I can't tell you how honored and thrilled I am to announce that today, I've published my first piece for The Nation. Not only that, I get to review a fascinating new book about the issue I'm most passionate about: economic inequality. The book, which is titled The Killing Fields of Inequality, is by the eminent Swedish sociologist Göran Therborn. You can find my review here.

Me in The Nation -- I didn't think it would get any better than that today. Then I tweeted a link to my piece. And guess who the very first person who retweeted my tweet was? Branko Milanovic, that's who! Yes, that Branko Milanovic, bitchez!

Okay, obviously I need to get over myself. I'll be guest blogging at The Nation for the remainder of this week and next. You can find my stuff here. I'll be posting links to my pieces on this blog as well.