Sunday, March 2, 2014

Recent inequality-related posts

Readers, please accept my deepest apologies for my neglect of this blog of late. The exigencies of making a living have messed with my best-laid plans, and for a while I was working one full-time job, one part-time consulting job, plus the weekend blogging and some deadline-driven writing assignments. For weeks, I was either too exhausted or too busy to attend to this blog. Fortunately, I now have a chance to catch my breath.

I'm thrilled to announce landed an exciting short-term gig that involves writing about inequality. Details will follow in a separate post. In the meantime, here are links to my recent Washington Monthly writings about inequality-related issues:

-- The solution to inequality in San Francisco -- and America? It's the taxes, stupid!

-- Your bummer read of the day: how Amazon's labor policies are worse than Walmart's

-- Opinion piece of the day: Rosa Brooks on why workers need to "Lean Out"

-- Study: Republican presidents are associated with higher infant mortality rates

-- After a scientist makes some inconvenient discoveries, agribusiness plots to destroy him (This should be read in relation my earlier post about What Obama Left Out of His Inequality Speech: Regulation).

-- The ACA makes it possible for workers to quit jobs they hate. This is awesome.

-- Could the ACA help the millions Americans drowning in debt? A new study of Massachusetts health care reform offers some clues.

-- On the Raiders' cheerleaders wage theft suit: no pay for practices, unreimbursed expenses, and $125 per 10-hour work day

-- Conference that promises to "reset the agenda for women in the workplace" invites CEOs and Hollywood types aplenty -- but snubs unions

-- Walmart's holiday profits are way down. Food stamp cuts are a big part of the reason.


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